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26.09.2019 - Architects Declare, September 2019

Since its creation in the summer of 2019, there are now 650 signatures on the Architects Declare website. These architectural companies have joined together to address the global issues of climate change and the diminishing health of natural habitats. d-on architects are one of these companies who are promoting the use of sustainable practice in the UK.

‘‘The twin crises of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss are the most serious issue of our time. Buildings and construction play a major part, accounting for nearly 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions whilst also having a significant impact on our natural habitats. For everyone working in the construction industry, meeting the needs of our society without breaching the earth’s ecological boundaries will demand a paradigm shift in our behaviour. Together with our clients, we will need to commission and design buildings, cities and infrastructures as indivisible components of a larger, constantly regenerating and self-sustaining system. The research and technology exist for us to begin that transformation now, but what has been lacking is collective will. Recognising this, we are committing to strengthen our working practices to create architecture and urbanism that has a more positive impact on the world around us.’’ Architects Declare

d-on architects have joined the Architects Declare movement

d-on architects have joined the Architects Declare movement

05.08.2019 - Croi Eanna Update, August 2019

We recently visited our sports community building where the sedum roof has been installed. Now there is a covering of alpine plants over the entire roof attracting a range of wildlife, from small birds to bees. The sedum roof helps the building to blend into its green surroundings and gives something back to the local ecology. Sedum is incredibly hardy and requires minimum maintenance - it also changes colour with the seasons, making it perfect for this particular location.


06.05.2019 - D-on architects are hiring

Due to an increase in projects, D-on architects are looking to recruit an enthusiastic and talented architectural assistant/architect to join our team. We are looking for the following:

Minimum post-Part II experience
Excellent skills in AutoCAD/ArchiCAD software

Job running experience
Experience working on conservation projects
Experience in sustainable design

We are an equal opportunities employer.

If interested, please forward a covering letter, sample portfolio and CV to


01.04.2019 - Ask an Architect 2019

D-on architects are taking part in this years ‘Ask and Architect’ event for the Friends of the Cancer Centre in partnership with the Jill Todd Trust. We are offering a one hour consultation when you donate a minimum of £40 to the Friends of the Cancer Centre. 100% of your donations will go to the Jill Todd Trust and will help to assist in research at Belfast City Hospital. We will be accepting bookings until the 17th May 2019 so please get in touch.


15.02.2019 - Official Opening of St. Bronagh’s Primary School & Rostrevor Youth Club

The D-on architects team visited both St. Bronagh’s Primary School and the Rostrevor Youth Club for their official opening ceremonies. Both buildings have been kitted out with furniture and it’s great to see so many people are enjoying their new facilities. Thanks to the children of St. Bronagh’s Primary School choir who gave all of us a wonderful performance!

30.01.2019 - Croi Eanna continues on site

Explore the progress being made to our Croi Eanna project currently under construction in Glengormley, Northern Ireland.

19.05.2018 - RSUA Liam McCormick prize for Building of the Year 2018

St. Bronagh's Primary School scooped four awards in the RSUA awards; the Liam McCormick Prize for Building of the Year, the Sustainability prize, the Project Architect of the Year for Paul McMahon and an RSUA Design Award.

You can see the full list of the winners from the RSUA awards evening here : RSUA 2018 WINNERS

25.06.2018 - Completion of St. Bronagh's Youth Club

As part of a larger strategy within Rostrevor village, d-on architects were asked to design a new youth club for the local community. The scheme includes facilities for a varied number of sports including basketball, boxing and netball - all within its main sports hall, multi-purpose rooms and social areas. This phase of the works is a continuation of the works carried out to St. Bronagh's Primary School which was recently awarded the Liam McCormick Prize for Building of the Year 2018.

25.05.2018 - John Paul II Primary School wins RICS Community Benefit Award

On Thursday 24th May 2018, the RICS Awards ceremony took place at the La Mon Hotel where John Paul II Primary School received the Community Benefit Award. A link to the awards booklet produced by the RICS can be read here


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