conservation architects

fusion antibodies

Due to significant expansion of the company, Fusion Antibodies required updated research laboratory spaces and offices to deal with the increase in both workload and workforce. The proposals were to fill the existing portal frame shed located next to the already-occupied part of the building. Spaces were imagined as individual 'boxes' that were stacked, forming social break-out spaces between them. A double height core would form the space for the main services to be located and for a focal point to be created within the main space. Each 'box' was imagined as a prefabricated element brought onto site to keep construction times to a minimum. This would also give the client more flexibility for the future as these spaces could be altered to give a different type of internal arrangement. The design is therefore shaped by the ever-changing conditions of the company and can easily react to change. D-on architects also provided a short-term solution for office space layouts as seen below.